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Beer Making Process


Starting a Batch: The first thing that you need to do is make an appointment to make a batch of beer. Wait time for beer is generally 1 to 2 weeks. On the day of your appointment, you will be asked to come in between the hours of 12:00 and 7:00. We will have the beer prepared, aid you in adding the yeast to your product, you will make payment and sign your paperwork. We will make an appointment to can or bottle your beer 2 weeks later.

Our Part: At this point your work is done for 2 weeks. We will ferment, filter and prepare your product for bottling.

Canning: You will need to set aside approximately 25 minutes to can your beer. Our custom printed aluminum cans are a great choice for those who prefer not having to wash their bottles. Clearbrook Brewing Company boasts a fully automatic canning machine to fill, lid and wash your beer cans. We have plastic PET bottles available for sale, and all caps are provided for glass bottles.


How is it made?

Each day the beer is made using our custom full mash grain system.


Grinding: malts are ground in a two roll mill to separate the husks from the starchy endosperm. The grist is transferred to the mash vessel via an auger system.

Mashing: the grist and water meet in the mash tun at a prescribed temperature. Time and temperature are controlled to encourage full sacrification of the starch to sugars which can be fermented by beer yeast.

Lautering: the process of sparging warm water is passed through the grain to draw the sugars away from the spent grain.

Brewing: the sweet fluid called wort  is brought to a boil and hops are added. The wort will boil for 75 minutes then it will be pumped through a cage and screen filter, heat exchanger and oxygenator before the fluid is placed in a fermentor.

Fermentation: yeast is added to the wort and the fermentation process begins. Temperature of fermentation is closely watched to ensure and target finishing gravities are attained.

Conditioning and Filtration: upon completion of fermentation beer is chilled to encourage all yeast to floctate prior to being filtered through a cartridge style filter system. The result is a clear polished finished product without haze or residual yeast.

Packaging: Beer can be taken in standard 50 liter sanke style beer kegs or packaged into bottles or cans.

Canning: the canning system is automated and only requires the customer to place cans on the conveyor and then place the filled and closed cans into the six packer for convenience. The canning process takes about 15-20 minutes

Bottling: you are welcome to bring in glass or plastic bottles to package your beer. There is an easy to use bottle washer and filling is done via a counter pressure filler. Filling into bottles requires approximately 75 minutes for the average customer.



Grain: We use premium 2 row barley grown in Western Canada. In certain cases we will also use British malts from Baird malting for specialty applications.

Hops:  Hops are selected from the Yakima valley in central Washington. In addition we will use hops from Europe (example Saaz from the Czech Republic and also hops from New Zealand (hallertaur type b))

Yeast: At Clearbrook brewing we maintain a continuous supply of live liquid yeast culture for the brewing process. When necessary we will use cultures from White labs in California or Wyeast in Oregon State to keep our yeast as fresh and viable as possible.

Water: Water for the system is derived from Norris creek via the Abbotsford municipal water supply. We do a secondary filtration within the shop.