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ABout Us

Located at 3275 McCallum Road, Abbotsford British Columbia, our shop is divided into two temperature and humidity controlled sections separating our beer and wine to ensure an optimal environment for the manufacture of quality beer and wines.

All efforts are made to ensure the freshest and highest quality ingredients.


Bottling wine is quick and easy with two semi-automatic bottle washers, filling systems and a winery corker.

For those interested in wine from grapes we have all the equipment you would find in a small winery: Stainless destemmer, pneumatic press, transfer pumps, and plate style filter system. 

We use only malt, hops, yeast and water in our beer (no chemicals or preservatives). Two row malted barley from Saskatchewan and Southern Alberta are primarily used and are supplemented with import English malts for specialty beers. Hops are sourced locally as well as from Yakima Valley Washington.

Legal Requirements
Clearbrook Brewing operates under provincial U-brew license 201726 and as such we are compliant with the British Columbia Liquor Control Act.

BC LCB U-Vin Regulations
The following LCB U-Vin regulations apply to all customers at Clearbrook Brewing.

  • Each order will be paid for prior to commencement of the wine making process.

  • A declaration will be signed stating that the wine is for personal consumption only and may not be sold or distributed to any other facility.

  • A minimum of two visits to the wine making facility is mandatory to conform to existing BC LCB U-Vin regulations.

  • Wine must be removed from the premises immediately after bottling.

Legal Stuff

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