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2 Week Brewing Process
+ 15 Minute Canning Time

144 cans = $175

Prices are with cans and taxes included.

Our Signature Beers:

Renegade Lager:
Our most popular! Smooth, easy
drinking Canadian Style Beer.
ABV – 5.25%  IBU – 8
Canuck Pilsner:
NEW! Nice and crisp, a pilsner with a touch of Cascade.
ABV - 5% IBU - 18
Renegade Lite:
A lower alcohol, lower calorie
version of the Renegade. But don’t
be mistaken, it’s equally delicious.
ABV – 4.5%  IBU – 7
Czech Pilsner:
Styled after the classic pilsner
erquel. A golden coloured beer with
a heavy Sazz hop presence.
ABV – 5.25%  IBU – 28
Yankee Lager:
An American style, utilizing rice
to lighten both the taste and the
texture to replicate mainstream
styles south of the border.
ABV – 5.25% IBU – 8
Clearbrook Pale Ale:
A copper coloured beer with a
medium texture. Mildly hopped to
accent the malt characteristics.
ABV – 5%  IBU – 20
Fraser River Del Sol:
Styled after the popular beers of
Mexico. Imagine a warm beach, hot
sun and some good company. Crisp
and refreshing, happiness in a can.
ABV – 5.25%  IBU – 10.5
Caledonian Red Ale:
A red coloured beer, the malt
flavours are balanced by the hops to
create this well-rounded brew.
ABV – 5% IBU – 21
Sumas Gold:
Back by popular request, this was
the Clearbrook Lager recipe from
years ago. A well balanced easy to
drink lager.
ABV – 5.25%  IBU – 10


Premium Craft Beer

All Grain brewed Craft Beer!

144 cans = $183
(Taxes included)

2 Week Brewing Process + 15 Minute Canning Time

Oakenhearth: (Available year-round)
This Brown Ale is malt forward, meaning the rich flavors of Munich malt are predominant. Lightly hopped to make way for the slight addition of roasted barley.
ABV – 5%  IBU – 12

Abby IPA: (Available year-round)
Highly hopped as the style is known for. Utilizing an assortment of the ”C” hops. You will notice tastes of: pine, grapefruit and citrus, with a subtle hint of stone fruit on the nose.
ABV – 6%  IBU – 62

Pacific Pale Ale: (Available year-round)
NEW! Call it IPA junior, it's a nice refreshing Ale balanced with the perfect amount of hop.
ABV - 5% IBU - 28

Russian Imperial Stout: (Only available: Fall and Winter)
A strong beer that is full of flavor. Rich roasted malt flavors, hints of: coffee, chocolate and nuts.
Barley flake helps add to the texture along with a nice addition of nitrogen to add those small
creamy bubbles.
ABV – 6.5%  IBU – 31

Cream Ale: (Only available: Fall and Winter)
Styled after the Irish creams, ample smooth texture with a moderate hop balance.
ABV – 6%  IBU – 17

Mt. Baker Winter Ale: (Only Available: Dec, Jan, Feb)
Delicious Brown Ale, roasted and chocolate malts can be tasted at first, but finishes with hints of
caramel and vanilla. A small addition of nitrogen adds a slight creaminess that compliments the
balance of flavor this beer has to offer.
ABV – 5%  IBU – 20

Grapefruit Lager: (Only Available June, July, August)
Exactly what is sounds like, this easy drinking lager has been flavored with grapefruit. Not just a
hint of grapefruit, but enough that it is thirst quenching and refreshing.
ABV – 4.5%  IBU – 9