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Started in the U-brew industry in the early Nineties after a hiatus in Sparwood, Jackie returned to the industry with us in 2008. She is a knowledgable and valuable asset to the wine operation. Nice Jackie is often confused with her evil twin. It’s very hard to tell them apart.








Dave Hoffart
If you've set foot in the brewery then you've most likely met Dave. Passionate and knowledgeable about all things brewing. He always wears a smile and is always more than willing to chat about beer and wine. Dave truly loves what he does.

The young buck! Hayden or 'Deedz' works his butt off every day and is quickly becoming a fixture at the shop. Most of his time is spent working the front of the beer side, but if you want to talk sports, he's your guy!

Breanne is the other half of the wine making operation, when she's not throwing herself down a hill on a longboard she's hard at work looking after your delicious wine.