Epicurean Wines

By The Batch
Batch Pricing includes; 18.3 litres (or 2 cases) of wine, bottles, crowns, labels, corks and taxes.
White Wine: $210.00  |  Red Wine: $250.00-$280.00
A 50% deposit is required.

By The Barrel
Quarter Barrel (approx. 72 bottles)
White Wine: $525.00  |  Red Wine: $680.00-$750.00
$200.00 deposit required.

Half Barrel (approx. 144 bottles)
White Wine: $950.00  |  Red Wine: $1200.00-$1350.00

$400.00 deposit required.

Full Barrel (approx. 290 bottles)
White Wine: $1700.00  |  Red Wine: $2300.00-$2550.00

$500.00 deposit required.

Repeat Buyer Discount!
Year 2 – Save $10!
Year 3 – Save $20!
Year 4 – Save $30!


Epicurean Red Wines

Well balanced with a strong underpinning tone. This Syrah brings a fruit forward profile with pepper notes. The new age of power meets balance.

The Lush ripe fruit flavor with a delicate balance of tannins and acid, nicely mellowed with barrel aging. Complexity without being forceful.

Cabernet Sauvignon
This Cabernet Sauvignon showcases dark plum and clove on the palate, which are balanced nicely by aromas of black tea, smoke, and earth. A velvety mouthfeel and grippy tannins underpin the elegant flavor profile.
Significant aging potential.

Sangiovese has layers of flavor: bright cherry aromas with just a hint of leather and earth marries with rich red fruit flavors and zingy acid on the finish.

Red Zinfandel
A full blown dry Red Table wine. Don’t let the fruitiness trick you. This is a great wine for a wide range of occasions.

Epicurean White Wines

An intriguing nose of green apple and pear with subtle spice leads to captivating flavors of melon and tropical fruits. Delightfully crisp with a nice acidity. Prepared both Oaked or Unoaked.

Capturing the essence of Rhine wines Gewerztraminer is floral on the nose with a fruity taste profile. Back blended to be just off dry a true favorite to be enjoyed chilled with a light meal or on it’s own.

Epicurean Blends

A favorite blend for the last 6 years. Tuscan achieves the idealic strike of taste and balance. Comprised of equal parts Zinfandel, Shiraz and Merlot the sum is greater than its parts. A great flavor profile from start to finish.

Vintners Blend
Our vintners blend is a great utilitarian wine combination. Merlot Cabernet and Syrah provide flavors and textures that are appropriate from the back patio to the dining room.